What is Golf

Golf is an easy game – It’s just hard to play’

There has probably never been a truer word spoken. In principle the game is about striking a small ball with a stick with a heavy end some distance into a little hole. Then repeating the exercise 17 more times over holes of different lengths and degree of difficulty.

The golfer is equipped with a set of clubs (maximum 14 in total) of varying length, clubhead density and loft of face, which hit the ball different lengths and heights, and a putter for use on the greens.

Most amateurs play the game over 18 holes (a round), using any of a number of game formats.

The professional game normally consists of Strokeplay, with most events played over 4 rounds (72 holes and 4 days). The winner, quite simply, is the player who plays the 72 holes in the fewest shots or strokes.

It’s that simple.