What is a Golf Course

In the past, golf courses (or ‘links’ as they are often known – although this word has become more frequently attached to seaside courses) consisted of any number of holes – depending on the lie of the land and the amount of space available.

Nowadays, courses are almost invariably 18 holes long, although a sizeable number of 9 hole courses remain. These are always played twice around, often using different teeing areas on the second occasion.

The holes consist of a combination of different pars, mostly pars 3, 4 and 5, depending on the length, and very occasionally the degree of difficulty. The par is reckoned to be the number of shots a scratch golfer would take to get the ball from tee to hole, as illustrated below.

The total of the individual hole pars makes up the par of the overall course, normally between 70 & 72. Most courses have 3 lots of Tees. These are:

  • White markers – Mens’ medal tees
  • Yellow markers – Mens’ standard tees
  • Red markers – Ladies’ standard tees

Some courses also have Championship tees – normally only used when the course plays host to a professional event. Other courses have Blue markers. These can be special tees for ‘veteran’ members and juniors