How do I join a Golf Club

If you are looking to join a club – and at present there are probably more vacancies for club membership than at any time in history! – phone around, or use the internet to look at some of the websites run by the Golf Union for your region or country. Think about the type of membership that would suit you. Weigh up the cost, and all the other factors, then found out how to go about applying.

You will almost certainly find it is not as difficult (or as expensive) as you first thought*

For private members clubs, many have a procedure to be followed if you apply for membership. This will often mean completing an application form, and sometimes finding a club member who will ‘sponsor’ you for membership. Some clubs will invite you to interview with the Captain or a Committee member – sometimes this takes the form of playing a round with an ‘officer’ of the club.

This can sound a bit daunting – if it does, please do not be put off. It is often much more straightforward than it sounds. And the days when Golf Clubs made would-be members jump through hoops to maintain the ‘exclusivity’ of their club are fast becoming a thing of the past