How and where to practice

At Home:

This is the ideal place to condition your muscles to adapt to the changes you are working on. You really can train your body consciously into the position you are working towards. Just think, you don’t have any distractions to stop you breaking away from your old habits – you can slowly and gradually let your body create the new ones – if you were to train a muscle 60 times a day for 21 days a new habit would have been created.

The idea is to use the short club/ weighted club-training aid, and very slowly perform the exercise you are working on – the more senses you use while repeating this, the better i.e. visualize the changes, feel the changes and talk yourself through the changes – this will make it easier for you to “let it happen” when the ball is in the way.

So 5 or 10 minutes spent in a quiet room with a short club will be a great supplement to you in your outdoor practice and will allow you to improve your golf in quicker time!


Great for beginners – what a great place to practice away from the intimidation of other players – you can go through the fundamentals and get used to hitting the airflow balls – remember, if you can hit them, you can hit any other ball.

Driving range

How we advise you should go about your practice at the range:

  • Loosen up
  • Practice exercises (in your particular area) without the ball, to the tee peg.
  • Introduce the ball – keep doing the practice exercises in between hitting shots.