Choosing the Right Golf Ball

When you are buying golf balls you will find that the sheer number of different types and varieties is very confusing.

In reality, balls can be categorised as follows:

HARD BALLS (Low spin, distance balls) Handicaps over 12

For most higher handicappers these are the balls of choice because :

1. They are usually cheaper
2. They are more resilient and will not cut after mishit shots
3. They have lower spin rates (this means that if hit with an open or closed clubface the ensuing shot will be less wayward).
4. They tend to be distance balls and so will go further with lower swing speeds.

SOFTER BALLS (High spin, feel balls) 12 Handicaps and below

For most lower handicappers a softer ball is the choice because:

1. More backspin can be obtained from these balls to keep the ball on line in flight
2. Pitches and chips can be better judged as the player can impart backspin to stop the ball quickly
3. The player will receive more feedback and feel with the putter and shorter scoring irons.

Whichever type of ball you play it is worth the money to choose a good brand. The key to a good golf ball is consistency and the better brands will offer this.